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THE POWER IS YOURS!!! [Aug. 29th, 2007|05:27 pm]
The Power Is Yours! A Captain Planet Stamping Comm


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In 100 words or less tell us who you are, what you're into, what you're studying to be(or studied to be with your current occupation) and why you'd make a good planeteer. Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I love ballet and cosplay. I'm noted for my determination, kindness and beauty. I majored in theatre and minored in music so all aspects of performing are important to me. Right now I do tech support for DirecTV a far cry from what I studied but pays the bills and has it's benefits here and there. I'd make a stellar planeteer because of my love alone for small things that can't help themselves like babies and baby animals.

How do you contribute to fight against pollution? I only use melaluca products that are all-natural and don't contain harmful or carcinogenic chemicals. I also rescue baby ducklings out of the drainage dishes.

What kind of things are you best at? I'll always care for everyone and be there for them. I've also been called inspirational. And I know that I'm resourceful even under pressure as I pride both beauty and brains. You can call that hot air, but I prefer to have a positive view of myself(I get tired of people saying "OMG I'm ugly!" when everyone has the right to believe that they are beautiful.)

What things do you need to work on? I'm too feisty to be a team player, but I want to be so badly. I'm also guilty of noise pollution so my roommates tell me. I have a weak stomach. Due to the not-so-good relationship with my father and several violations towards my best friend, I'm kind of a man-hater even though I'm sure there are good men out there. If you've got an ego the size of Texas, get out of my face.

Where do you go to learn more about ecological issues? I ask my father even though we don't have the greatest relationship. He's intelligent and mentally sound. I don't trust the internet as most web-pages are 20% inaccurate(people either want to make money or don't check their sources), or the media because they mostly care about ratings rather than the people they could benefit from.

Would you mind being stamped as the opposite sex? YES, I'm not a stinking man!

What ecological issue is the most emotional to you and why? Tortured baby cows, I mean veal. I can't eat the stuff. I also hate the fact that near my house a couple of tiny ducklings fell into a ditch and the fish and game wouldn't do anything about it. I love ducklings to pieces so it made me cry and do everything I could to save them.

You catch a small child throwing rocks at a birds' nest. What do you do? Smack the brat across the face and when he or she says 'ouch' say, "That's exactly how those birds feel."

You catch a grown man punching a baby seal. What do you do? That fascist bastard! I'm sicking Captain Planet on him! Someone better hold me back before I kick him in the groind.

The fight isn't going so well. What do you do? Swear(every word except the C-word which I strictly don't use) and forget to pray(I'm only human and not perfect).

Some half baked douche-bag just told you that your methods of fighting eco-villains are shallow and pedantic and take jobs away from the whales. What do you do? Dear Moron to Whom This Question Is Dedicated To, The Melaluca trees that the Melaluca company owns are in AUSTRALIA not LOUISIANA, so if you love the bayou so much why don't you go there and get eaten by alligators? I prefer to benefit from something natural than a toxic chemical anyday. (In other words, I just give the jerk the finger and rant about it later in my lj.)

The solution for pollution clearly ISN'T:
1. Blaming just one person for it. We're all in this together.
2. Population control. You can't stop people from having sex.
3. Causing a panic. With every threat to the earth is usually a team of research scientists working around the clock and that's a FACT.
4. Going without knowing the pros and cons of everything. Nuclear waste is extremely dangerous but Nuclear power does have the potential to be the cleanest form of energy. Remember, we do have strict laws about handling such things.
5. Human annihilation. That's just wrong. Humans have a place in the environment along with the animals.

Love or Duty? Love, it always comes first no matter what so if I were to fall for one of my teammates, I wouldn't let my my duty as a Planeteer hold me from persuing a relationship.
City or country? I'm built better for the country as I gag at the smell of smog, but the city is a nice place to visit.
Sports or Art? Art, but you need a little of both so that's why I'm in ballet.
Classics or Modern? Classics! Especially in ballet. I love the Nutcracker and hate when students belittle it because they're somehow "too good" for the classics, but new stuff is pretty good and that's mainly because the creators are inspired by the classics.
Heart or head? Heart, but I never use it as an excuse for a stupid decision. Those who listen to their heart are often more resourceful at times.
Fun or business?Fun...if you don't have fun, you're not going to last very long.
Serious or Easy going? Depends on the situation. When people around me are losing their heads over petty things, I'm usually calm and collected. When people complain about their satelite being out, I sound calm but I'm really sticking my tongue out at them and writing down what I'd really like to say. When people are goofing off and it's something I care deeply about, I blow my top.
Leader or follower? I'm not too good at leading, but I'm brave enough to go first even if it means falling flat on my face. This is very apparent in my Ballet classes.
Very Neat or Rather Sloppy? Very neat comparatively. I'm not a neat freak, but a dirty house makes me depressed. Also, my roommates messes are really starting to get to me.
Technology or Back to Nature? Technology, but in moderation. I don't want to become fat and lazy but I do feel I'm too much of a wus to live without it completely. I need indoor plumbing. I do like to retreat to nature, however, if only to renew my spirituality.

What are some things that you hold sacred? My religion and faith in God, my grandparents lake-house(I'd kill anyone who tore it down or trashed it), and my parent's house(I cried for 3 days when my dad said he was going to sell it as part of my parent's divorce settlement). Also, you DON'T make jokes about non-consensual sex with me especially if it involves minors (People wonder why I don't find Quagmire funny). Sexual abuse has been something that too many people close to me have been victims of.

Let's go to the beach. What do you plan to do there? Wear my cutest swimsuit, take long walks on the sand in my bare feet, curse the jerks who leave broken bottles behind, splash around and go search the tide pools for a starfish!

Let's go to the zoo. Which zoo do you choose? Is it actually Sea World or a preserve? What do you want to see first? Is it your favorite animal? Would you rather see your favorite animal in the wild or would you like to keep it for a pet? I choose the San Diego Zoo since every zoo looks like a dog park compared to it. I want to go to the Butterfly house first. Butterflies are one of my favorite animals, but I think I like Swans better. Swans are better in the wild but I fear for them with hunters everywhere. It's a SIN to kill something so beautiful. Swans and butterflies don't make good pets unfortunately(I learned that about butterflies the hard way when I was 5). My pet of choice: cats. I love to cuddled and pet them.

How computer literate are you? Very much with potential to learn more. Having a live journal has broadened my understanding of html 110%, doing tech support helps me understand the technology, playing video games helps more than I'd expect, and I want to learn even more since there's a future in computers. I learned excel and access without any trouble. I'd like to enhance my graphic skills since they are lacking, but I know I can excel at them if I have the time and the resources to learn.

What branches of science and technology do you like the most? Be as specific as possible. Or do you not like either one? Astronomy, because our universe is SO FREAKING fascinating.

Who do you idolize? My grandfather, God rest his soul, was such a kind and perfect person that he could have been a king. I'm honored to be his prodigy and hope that someday I can be worthy of his bloodlines.
I also love Charles M. Schulz the creator of Peanuts who touched the lives os so many, Red Green for his so simple but so true approach to life, and the one I love for just being himself...but I won't tell you who he is since he is famous.

BOLD your answers to the following questions.

1. When you are interested in someone else...
B. Everyone knows. I'm private but transparent.
Care to explain? When I love someone, everyone eventually finds out because of the way I talk about them. I just can't keep my mouth shut when it comes to the one I love, but sometimes, I don't want it to leak for the sake of the other person.

2. Does the one you're interested in know how you feel?
B. Of course. It can be hard, but I'm brave enough to confess my own feelings.
Care to explain? When I'm in love, provided the other person hasn't figured it out yet, I'm always the first one to confess openly and honestly.

3. You just caught one of your fellow Planeteers watching a porno movie on Skinamax. What is your reaction?
C. Roll your eyes. So freakin' typical! You're utterly disgusted.
Care to explain? Since it's always the guys doing it...Let the little pervs get in to trouble on their own. They have a beauty like me to look at and they still need smut to get their freak on? I'm such a depriving bad girl! Perhaps I'll get over my disgust and change it to flattery when I think that they're probably imagining them getting it on with me. But they know they can't have me.

4. Someone who may have feelings for you just told you that you hold the power to save the world in your own hand. What do you say to that?
D. "ALL RIGHT! I've always wanted to be a superhero."
Care to explain? Yes, being a heroine of justice is ALWAYS fun even if it means sacrifice in the end.

5. Given the choice of one and only one of the following super powers, which do you choose?
A. Flight
Care to explain? I want to have beautiful angel wings. I love wings and think that they are quite the fashion statement. Besides, flying is fun with enthralling feeling of wind blowing through my hair.
Is there any other wish you have once this super power has been granted to you? I'd wish for more faith to aid in the growth and use of my power.

Pictures are fine; post them here:

[User Picture]From: pikachuchansan
2007-09-10 03:31 am (UTC)
Linka! :D I hope we get more votes, soon. This place feels a little deserted...T.T
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[User Picture]From: satanic_rayne
2007-12-07 02:18 am (UTC)
I have to say Ma-ti instead of Linka.
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[User Picture]From: another_it_girl
2007-12-24 09:51 am (UTC)
Linka of course ^-^
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