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A Captain Planet Stamping Community

The Power Is Yours! A Captain Planet Stamping Comm
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Rules of Hope Island:

1. YOU MUST HAVE FUN HERE! Planeteers must make the best of things with what they have.
2. Absolutely no flaming! That's about the worst type of pollution out there and it goes against everything the Planeteers stand for. Don't make Captain Planet deal with you harshly.
3. Please no on under the age of 13. You're never too young to be a Planeteer, but livejournal has policies that we must abide by.
4. No off-topic posts, please. You all have journals outside of this community for those, okay?
5. Everyone must get along as we all pitch in to build for a better tomorrow. Remember, THE POWER IS YOURS!!!
6. Please put all long posts under lj cut.
7. If you are uncertain of the appropriateness of a post, contact the mod.
8. Feel free to ask for anything from your mod, ainohimeliz or to send a question or suggestion to Planet-Vision.

Please Promote Us:

How to Apply and Other Voting Guidelines:

1. Before posting your own application, please vote for everyone who needs a stamp. You can find them all HERE. If no applications come up, that means there are no applications to vote on, LUCKY YOU! You don't need to be stamped to vote; just a member, so be sure you have joined the community first.
2. If you need help deciding who to vote for check out the OFFICIAL WEBSITE and don't forget about Wikipedia!
3. If you see two different characters in one person than you may vote for both of them, but no more than 2.
4. Please bold all of your votes.
5. Don't give a villain vote to a hero application and vice versa.
6. No one shall EVER accuse anyone else of character pushing! (Sorry, mod's pet peeve and it promotes dis-trust!) You must accept that there are people out there who, ironically, are very much like a particular character. Let's stick to our honor/respect system!
7. Fill out the appropriate application out completely and honestly. The more details the better! You can even fill out both applications if you want to be stamped as both.
8. To prove you have read the rules, please write "THE POWER IS YOURS!!!" in your title.
9. Even if you aren't stamped you may still participate in any activities we might have going on.
10. After you have received five votes (or when your lazy mod gets around to it) you will be stamped.
11. At maximum, you can be stamped as one hero and one villain.
Possible Heros to be stamped as: Captain Planet, Gaia, Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, or Ma-ti

Possible Villians to be stamped as: Captain Pollution, Dr. Blight, Mal, Looten Plunder, Sly Sludge, Hoggish Greedly, Duke Nukem, Verminous Skumm, Argos Bleak or Zarm.

12. If you are unsatisfied with your stamp, you may reapply if you wish, but please wait 3 weeks before doing so.

Don't just sit there, PLANETEERS! APPLY!!!
If you want to be stamped as a HERO fill out this application:

If you want to be stamped as a VILLAIN fill out this application:

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If you'd like to affiliate with us, please send a request to Planet-Vision.